Gluten Free and Vegan process

What we can commit to for our Gluten Free and Vegan customers:

  • we will use separate chopping boards exclusively for prepping and cutting GF & vegan toasties
  • we have one single large hotplate however we clean and clear space to keep separate from any other toasties on the hotplate whilst cooking
  • we will clean the toastie flipper and knife before handling any GF & vegan toasties
  • we will change gloves before handling any GF & vegan toasties, and sanitize hands in-between


We can get very busy and all GF & vegan toasties are prepared, cooked and packaged in a shared environment, so despite best endeavours it may not be possible to guarantee zero cross contamination. If this is of concern to you even in the slightest, please do not risk your health!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.